At QTN, we support the young to build and maintain long-lasting relationships which are very valuable in their any given days.


QTN is where people figure out, then, follow their lifetime dreams after experiencing our many activities of various fields.


Exploring and fostering potential leaders are what QTN does for a sustainable developing generation.


QTN Global is a network connecting global
young talent for the goal of building sustainable relationships in which they work together and succeed together.


QTN Global aims at connecting global talents supporting each other to reach success.


Human’s nature is prefer to take; however, few people understand we just get the best if we give the best. That is why QTN Global was born to shape people’s mind and activities into right direction.


Durable relationships never come from passers-by but from long time acquaintaces. With this motto, we advise members to invest time and hard work into building real relationships without anticipating any benefits.


Only after experiencing 10,000 hours of practice can a pilot be an expert, so do almost people. In QTN, there is no inborn genius but normal person trying and doing their best, practicing 10,000 hours to be at least good of the field they follow.


Think different and be different
We save our very own marks on a rank of activities found nowhere but QTN.

Meetings with experts
“Stand on the shoulders of giants”, weekly talks with experts give us opportunity to turn their knowledge into ours, to expand our eyes from their stories and experiences, to make friends with people from all walks of life joining these meetings.
Skills training
Deriving from the deep understanding about the importance of soft skills, at QTN, we do our best to verify how we can enlarge our skills through a number of forms.
Connecting games
For QTNers, there is no game only for the purpose of playing. We learn through games, evaluating the feasibility of our performances, finding how we can adapt this into our work as well as daily life.
Survival skills
QTNers are supposed to be confident in any situation. Even when falling in hardest time, we can survive thanks to the knowledge and skills we have learned. So we usually organize some activitives for QTNers developing their survival skills.
Journey to hearts with Rio Lam
A great small talk with Da Nang young girl, Ms Rio Lam, who conquers American roads with one car and two close friends. She inspired us to live beyond the line, challenge ourselves to the most where we can finally find our true nature.
Book presentation
Through reading and comprehending, humans acquire knowledge and understanding of the world around them. In order to encourage the young to read more books and self-study, we held book presentations where people get chances to tell stories about their favorite in their very own styles.
Press and media
Supporting the young whose dream is to become journalist, we run weekly press and media classes, providing lessons of creativity, graphics design, copy writer, etc with the help of volunteering experienced teachers. No matter who you are or where you come from, once having love of writing, you can join this class to make your dream come true.
Deriving from the deep understanding about the importance of soft skills, at QTN, we do our best to verify how we can enlarge our skills through a number of forms.
Investing into technological talents is what differentiates us from other organizations. We have enough basics to run professional courses teaching technological potentials into experts in this field. We give students chances to learn and practice in the real work environment.
Online marketing
Noting that online marketing could bloom in a very near future, QTN, since the very beginning days of this blossom, held weekly courses, where SEO professions show their skills or experience carrying knowledge suffice for learners to start up in this field.
Web programming
We create the differences for this course by asking learners to practice not to revise what they learn at school. In other words, we give learners opportunities of working in the very real and competing environment where all of their skills and knowledge can be sharpened every day.
Debate course
Paying no attention to the truth but the technique of using words and hypothesis, this course trains your analytical, critical, and quick thinking, persuasive speaking, note-taking, speed reading, and in-depth research. Debate does not only teach a person how to win an argument, but also instructs the person for a great amount of life essential skills.
Speed networking
Making good first impression is very important when building new relationships. That is what attendees can learn from Speed networking. Giving them only 5 minutes to introduce themselves with new friend times after times, QTN helps attendees to realize and memorize what is their most impressive part, then, they can leave marks on any communicators they meet after.
Barcamp Da Nang
Barcamp is an unconference where converging dozens of conferences with the attendees from walks of life. With Barcamp, we build a space for ideas to be heard and connected, then, resulting in cooperation, startup businesses, inspired books and so on.
The $5 Challenges
What $5 gives you is not 100,000 VND but a chance to explore your ability to the most, selling out all what you have and receiving the exceptional results. Running the $5 Challenge, we hope to blow this spirit into the candidates’ souls so that the fire of risk taking can be flamed in their mind.
Derived from the book named “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Cash-flow is a financial game describing problems people encounter: Growing up – Going to school – Finding jobs – Opportunity – Cost, through which QTN wants to give players a closer and wiser views of money’s value, then treating it better.
Mysterious Champa
In the form of video making competition, “Mysterious Champa” requires deep knowledge of Cham’s history to be renewed and revealed in the style of modern university students. This competition not only helps students learn more about Champa culture but also introduces Mysterious Champa to the world.
Competition of words
Eloquence always has sayings on our presentations even when the topic and content are boring. Therefore, QTNers regularly take part in Competition of words where their oratory is raised and developed.
Connecting all Charity parties with an online portal named Iris4Life is QTN’s contribution to better society through better non-profit activities. With Iris4Life, we bring a solution to solve charity problems of unclear information and waste of crowd resources.
Open Campus
Thanks to the development of internet, QTN gives people chance to attend distance classes. A website collects documents and lectures of many fields, from economics to technology, connecting learners with an unlimited library, creating interactions between lecturers and learners all over the world.
Crowd-source News
Building a space for amateur journalists to post their own-created news is the mission of this project. QTN Global can be seen as the pioneer to bring this notion from the world to Vietnam.
QTN Global
Not just the name of the organization, QTN Global is also the name of a project building a social network for the talented where they can learn lessons through QTN online courses, apply for the projects we run, build online CVs, etc.
Meaningful days
Doing good things once in a period is very easy but repeating them regularly until they become habits is another story. We activate this project to make this story come true, turning good actions into good habits, appealing to the attendance of thousand Vietnamese people.
Volunteering teaching
Children in the remote areas find it hard to catch up with those in cities and provinces due to the lack of soft skills and social knowledge which we are willing to teach them through this project.
Better relationships
Team building is useful for breaking down barriers between individuals through group participation in activities. People who are not used to working together get a chance to participate and work as a team. Besides, teambuilding is a good chance teaching every QTNer about tolerance, forgiveness and responsibility.
Develop skills
Teambuilding offers a chance for each member of the team to take highest responsibilities and develop leadership skills, as well as skills in daily life and their future job.
Develop team roles
Team building allows each member of the team to develop and focus on what they are best at, and allow the team members to find their niche within the team so that everyone can best contribute as an individual while still performing together.
Work-life balance
Too much work is counterproductive. Teambuilding gives QTNers a chance to leave aside all tasks, worries,
Dragon warriors
“Dragon warriors” is the first teambuilding held by QTN. As it sounds, this teambuilding is for brave QTNers who want to challenge themselves with can-not-be-harder games in a two-day trip full of difficult and even impossible missions.
Capture the demons
It is the lasted teambuilding QTN organized to stimulate teamwork spirit and communication between members.

Our Partners


“If you are good at something, never do it for free!”
Only when our members can stand on their own feet by their goods that they are grow up.


    As a house of talents, QTN gathers young potentials all over the world, which gives us chances to bring the most suitable people to worthy places.


    Experiencing many years in organizing teambuilding, we confidently affirm to meet the demands of any hardest customers.


    For QTN, holding an event is not just to arrange things together, but to convey full meanings to attendees.


    Diverse areas with interesting teaching models and prestigious lecturers are what create QTN's feasible courses.

QTN Global is for talent to be found, dream to be followed and life to be glorious.
Join us now so you can try these!


QTN is not the one, but the unique.For years, we have created
a place where learning, playing and making money can go together on the base of durable relationships.

The place you need to develop yourself is QTN

Any QTNer is given tools, opportunities and environment suffice for them to find out who they are, what are their dreams, which they are good at and what they need to reach the peak of their both career and daily life.

Nowhere can you build more durable relationships than QTN

Relationship is one of things deriving QTN different from other organizations. For QTN, “no one is an island, entire of itself”, so to be a part of QTN is to join our very strong and empowered network connecting many different types of people.

QTNers live with their dreams

We set a place for all ambitions to be grown and developed, thus, we make best opportunities for QTNers to keep and live with their dreams even in their career and personal life.


We are a home of diversity, difference and challenge

No matter who you are, what you do or where you live, you are welcome in QTN

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